The CPCA Awards Banquet was held on October 20th in Lloydminster at the Lloyd Exhibition. It was great to see everyone and have the opportunity to celebrate so many achievements that took place throughout the 2018 race season. Big shout out to Kim Carey who dedicates so much time to make sure events such as this go flawlessly and also want to recognize Jason Lee our official Track Announcer who was the MC. Thanks to Simple Farmer who did our decorations and made it look amazing.

The Kevan Mayan Sr Memorial Award for Family of the Year was presented to Louis Stanley and Family. Louis is a young driver who completed his second year on tour and has really came out of his shell. Louis and his family are always pleasant and helpful to fellow competitors and race fans.

Loranger Award is presented to the Race Personnel of the Year and it was given to Chris Gerstenhofer. Being a Race Personnel is not an easy job but we appreciate the job they do.

Gold Card Lifetime Membership awards were presented to Gerald and Della Durocher and Vern and Donna Higgins. Both of these couples have been long-time supporters of the CPCA and it is always so great to acknowledge and give back.

Sasktel CPCA Youth Achievement Award was presented to Jordie Baptiste and Madison Weseal. It is always so good to see how the youth learn work ethic and respect for animals and others at a young age. Great job and look forward to seeing both of you working hard in 2019.

Roy Bremner Memorial Award goes to an individual who goes above and beyond for the sport of Chuckwagon Racing and I think it is fair to say this gentleman was well deserving. Congratulations to Bart Prochera. Bart is the guy who always has time to talk and lend a hand in so many aspects.

CPCA Rookie Driver of the Year was a bit of a sweep. Dale Mitsuing walked away with it while making history becoming the first Rookie Driver to also become the 2018 CPCA Champion.

CPCA Most Improved Driver went to Louis Stanley. The confidence that we saw in Louis in one short year was very noticeable to his peers.

CPCA Safe Driver Award went to Danny Ringuette. It was an excellent year for Danny jumping up in the standings and qualifying for his first Calgary Stampede all the while driving safe.

CPCA Most Improved Outrider was awarded to the one and only Kale Lajeunesse. Kale came back to the CPCA part way thru the 2017 season and has made an impact on and off the track. Kale is always a guy that is willing to help out and is such a positive upbeat guy to have around.

CPCA Rookie Outrider was Chloe Studer. At the young age of 17 Chloe hit the circuit full time in 2018 and you could always see her working hard in the mornings to get some riding in as well Chloe travelled to several different drivers place in the spring to gain experience.

Randy Evans Memorial High Point Outrider went to Logan Pethick. Logan has been knocking on the door to this the past couple years and I think it is safe to say we haven’t seen the last of Logan’s achievements.

CPCA Champion Driver was no other than Rookie Driver Dale Mitsuing along with his Outriders Tyson Whitehead and Darren Mitsuing. Dale also will be one of two Demo Drivers at the 2019 Calgary Stampede.

Ken McLauchlan Memorial Award presented to the High Point Driver went to Kris Molle. Kris has been runner up to this award in the past but finally clinched it along with Outriders Aric Pare, Logan Pethick, and Kale Lajeunesse.

Media Person of the Year went to Rae Crouteau Jr. When Rae was asked to join the Broadcast Team for the 2018 Calgary Stampede he did what he has always done in Chuckwagon Racing and took the challenge seriously. He tried to get as much information as he could from drivers about horses they were running and how their seasons were going. We look forward to working with Rae in the future.

Likely my favourite awards of all are the Equine Athlete Awards. By the reaction of the drivers and how emotional they become I would say having a horse selected for one of these awards is likely one of the highest accomplishments in a driver’s career.

Equine Award Left Leader Shorebreeze Icon “Ike” from the Kris Molle Barn

Equine Award Right Leader Mugshot “Mugs” from Jamie Laboucane Barn

Equine Award Left Wheeler Richter Red “Red” from Ray Mitsuing Barn

Equine Award Right Wheeler “Harvey” from Todd Baptiste Barn and Slice of Red “Val” from Dale Mistuing Barn

Equine Award Outriding Porter Boy “Port” from BJ Carey Barn

Equine Award Outriding “Steve” from Danny Ringuette Barn

This officially puts a cap on the 2018 Season but please stay tuned to our website and social media sites for some fun interaction with drivers and outriders throughout the off season. The CPCA also has some big announcements that will be rolled out. I plan to continue to write articles in the off season.

Until Next Time…..

On the Road with Wendy

Wendy Phipps