Witness all the heart-stopping action over nine nightly heats as 36 drivers, supported by their outriders and 216 horses vie for over $1.15 million in total prize money. Races run July 6-15, 2018.

Driver Sponsor Amount Bid
Kurt Bensmiller Versatile Energy Services $130,000.00
John Walters Shaw GMC Chevrolet Buick $120,000.00
Logan Gorst SRDL Business Group $120,000.00
Dustin Gorst BD&P Put the Boots to Hunger $105,000.00
Layne MacGillivray Spray Lakes Sawmills $105,000.00
Troy Dorchester CARSTAR/Friends of the Brakemen $102,500.00
Chad Harden MNP/Paul Brandt Buckspring Found/Kubota $100,000.00
Gary Gorst Painted Pony Energy Ltd. $100,000.00
Jason Glass Friends of Glass Racing $100,000.00
Mark Sutherland Air Canada $100,000.00
Obrey Motowylo League Projects $100,000.00
Barry Hodgson Roadtrek Motorhomes $100,000.00
Mitch Sutherland The Cowboy’s Casino Posse $90,000.00
Rick Fraser cleo energy corp. $90,000.00
Vern Nolin Dentons Canada LLP $90,000.00
B.J. Carey Midwest Group $90,000.00
Chance Bensmiller Century Downs Racetrack and Casino $90,000.00
Jamie Laboucane West Industrial Ltd. $90,000.00
Wayne Knight Graham Group Ltd. / LaFarge Canada Inc. $88,000.00
Kirk Sutherland Ghostpine Environmental Services Ltd. $87,500.00
Chad Fike La Maison Simons $85,000.00
Codey McCurrach iON United $85,000.00
Luke Tournier Express Employment Professionals $85,000.00
Ross Knight The Legends $85,000.00
Darcy Flad PBR Bullriding $82,500.00
Chanse Vigen The Mavericks Chuckwagon Team $80,000.00
Cliff Cunningham Nova Analytics Inc. /Friends of the Brakemen $80,000.00
Doug Irvine B & R Eckel’s Transport Ltd. $80,000.00
Evan Salmond Mint Smartwash $80,000.00
Jordie Fike Ranchman’s/Friends of the Brakemen $80,000.00
Kris Molle Big Hearted Mavericks $75,000.00
Todd Baptiste Manteo Group/Friends of the Brakemen $75,000.00
Cody Ridsdale Welland Energy Services $72,500.00
Mike Vigen United Rentals Inc. $67,500.00
Ray Mitsuing Heart Lake Group of Companies $67,500.00
Roger Moore PCL Construction & Partners $60,000.00