The second stop on the 2018 CPCA Tour proved to be a challenging one. The CPCA along with the Bonnyville Ag Society were extremely excited to kick off what was going to be 3 Thrilling days of Chuckwagon Racing but Mother Nature had other plans. About 4:00 p.m. on Friday Afternoon the clouds rolled in and we got quite the down pour but thanks to the amazing job Bonnyville Ag Society does to keep their track maintained it was in good racing condition for that evening. That night we saw Kris Molle with his PWM Steel Outfit take fast time of the night with a 124.02 just edging out Chauvin neighbour Brad McMann who had a time of 124.57. Some other notables from Night Number 1 was Rookie Drivers Eric Gladue with his Viper Steam Ltd. Outfit taking a 4th place day money and Dale Mitsuing with his Sunridge RV/Greenlight Auto picking up 6th day money.

Saturday we did not get so lucky. We had some very severe storm clouds roll in about 4:00 p.m. but the rain was staying away until about 6:30 when it started coming down along with heavy winds. Some of the footage that people got was downright scary. Fortunately no animals or people were injured and we were all so grateful for that but the races were cancelled. What were once turn out pens for the horses had now become swimming pools. The storm continued part way thru the night and then the skies opened up again on Sunday Morning so that was when the decision was made that the weekend was over.

The Show Champion was based on the first day of racing so it went to Driver Kris Molle and Outriders Aric Pare and Dale Mitsuing. The CPCA would like to thank the Bonnyville Ag Society for their hospitality.

So where to next? Well we head down the road to Dewberry, Alberta. We always look forward to this stop on our tour because there is so much Chuckwagon History and great CPCA Fans who come out to support us each and every year. Who will be our 2018 Dewberry Champion…..stay tuned!!

Written by,
Wendy Phipps
“On the Road with Wendy”