“The 2nd Half of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”

Similar to the first half of the Calgary Stampede we seen some “highs” and some “lows”. Anyone that has spent much time in or around the sport knows that’s wagon racing. If it was easy everyone would do it. Definitely a sport that will humble you at any given time.

Tiegan Larouche made his Calgary debut around the track as a Demo Outrider behind Demo Driver Danny Ringuette. Tieg will be the first to admit this season has had its fair share of frustration but when I caught up with him I asked if going around the most prestige’s track in Chuckwagon Racing fueled his fire a bit and he said definitely; he has set goals for himself to work hard and be competing at Calgary as a top outrider real soon. As one door opens for a young outrider another closes for a couple of our veteran outriders. Sandy Mckenzie made his final trip around Calgary’s track alongside his son Tyler on the last night of racing behind Demo Driver Danny Ringuette. Sandy has spent many years chasing wagons but said this year will be his last. The knowledge and support that he has shown to young guys starting out is like no other. The other guy that made his last lap in Calgary was Outrider Aric Pare. Although Aric is far from retirement age in the sport, work, farm commitments and a growing family have made it hard to juggle. Aric and his beautiful wife Ashley welcomed their 3rd child “a beautiful baby girl” in Calgary at around 1:50 a.m. on July 15th and although Miss Keslee won’t remember it she was at the races the evening of July 15th to watch her Daddy make that last ride. Both Aric and Sandy are expected to finish off the season with the CPCA.

The CPCA boys finished very strong at the Rangeland Derby. BJ Carey missed the Semi Finals by 10/100th and ended up taking day money on the final night. Kris Molle had a barrel that cost him or he would definitely been in there. Ray Mitsuing and Jamie Laboucane came up a bit short as well but both had a great show. Todd Baptiste had some barrel trouble but early in the week he threw some amazing runs. Barry Hodgson really came on in the last half of the stampede and climbed the aggregate standings. Chance Bensmiller was another guy that had some barrel trouble early on but had a strong finish and looks forward to carrying that over into the last part of our CPCA Tour. Wayne Knight had some bad luck early on and never had the show he would have liked but that will not slow down the champ at taking a run at another championship in August.

As I write this we are nestled in the Blue Hills at Little Pine, SK where we will continue the last leg of our CPCA Tour. Please continue to check back for more Articles, Videos and overall Excitement as we head down the back stretch and into the third turn.


Written by,
Wendy Phipps
“On the Road with Wendy”