Amber L&#;Heureux (rookie)

March 9, 1993

2019 will be Amber’s first year on the CPCA circuit however she is far from a rookie. Amber’s dad ran pony chuckwagons for 50 consecutive years, her mom drove pony as well as thoroughbed chariots and her grandfather Fred Fitch drove thoroughbred chariots so it only seemed natural when Amber started driving ponies herself. Amber’s most memorable moment is from North Battleford in 2012 when she finally got hooked against her dad. She lost by a neck at the wire and even though she didn’t win, she will never forget that race for the rest of her life. Amber’s favourite part of Chuckwagon racing is the horses and being able to do and share something she loves with family and the friends that are met along the way who turn into family. Her dad, mom & stepdad have been her biggest supporters, helping every step of the way making the move from racing ponies to the CPCA and she says, without them she would be lost. 2019 will be an exciting year for Amber and the CPCA as we see the CPCA first female driver hit the track.

Hometown: Glaslyn, SK

Favourite Meal: BBQ Steak, Fresh garden Potatoes BBQd, Baby Carrots and Garden salad

Favourite Vacation Spot: Southern US, whether it be Texas or Arizona.

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing: My Dad Gerald L’Heureux drove pony chuckwagons for 50 consecutive years,my Mom Maxine Hougham (Fitch) drove pony and thoroughbred chariots and my grandfather Fred Fitch drove thoroughbred Chariots.

Most Memorable Chuckwagon Racing Moment: Thus far getting to race against my Dad in North Battleford in 2012, even though he beat me at the wire by a neck we ran side by side the whole race and it’s a race I will never forget.