BJ Carey

BJ Carey
January 6, 1980

BJ had a consistent 2019 having 8 top 5 runs and 17 top 10 runs. Out of 9 CPCA show stops he had 3 top 5 finishes and 6 top 10 finished as well as winning the Poundmaker show. He tied for 7th/8th overall last year and has been among the top 10 in the CPCA standings for the 10th year in a row. 2019 saw Bj having a very successful Calgary stampede finishing 12th overall. BJ is looking forward to carrying that momentum into 2020 at both the 2020 Calgary Stampede and on the CPCA Pro Tour. BJ’s horse Port won the 2019 CPCA Equine of Excellence Outriding horse award making that Port’s 2nd win in a row.

Hometown: Lloydminster, SK

Favourite Meal: Steak with mashed potatoes

Favourite Vacation Spot: Mexico

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing: I got into chuckwagon racing through my father in law Brian Laboucane. I’ve had family members race as well but Brian taught me the ropes.

Most Memorable Chuckwagon Racing Moment: 2014 as a whole was most memorable. My outfit was phenomenal, I could tell how they were going to work when we left the barn. 4 show wins and 1 dash win. My most memorable year to date.