Doug Green

Doug Green
October 31, 1962

Doug Green of Daysland, AB will be joining us Along the Wagon Trail 2020. Doug got his start in Chuckwagon racing by outriding in the Central Association in 1992 and climbed in the wagon box in 1995 with the WPCA. His most memorable racing moment was winning the Aggregate with the WCA in 2015 in Grand Prairie, AB. For the valuable advice received when starting his career, his biggest influences were Neal Walgenbach, Reg Johnstone and Bob Dimmer. Doug’s primary goal for the upcoming season is be competitive and safe.

Hometown: Daysland, AB

Favourite Meal: Steak and lobster

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing: Started outriding in the Central CW association in 1992 and started driving in 1995.

Most Memorable Chuckwagon Racing Moment: Winning the Aggregate award with the WCA in 2015 in Grande Prairie, AB

Favourite Thing About Chuckwagon Racing: Breaking and training new horses.

Biggest Influence: Neil Walgenbach, Reg Johnstone and Bob Dimmer. For the valuable advise received when starting.

Unsung heroes in your barn: All my horses.

Offseason Work: Rancher and truck driver.