Glen Myette

Glen Myette
April 6, 1968

Glen Myette joined the CPCA at the Poundmaker show in 2019 so he will be one of 2 rookies on the 2020 CPCA Pro tour. In Glen’s short time with the CPCA he had 3 top 15 runs and 7 top 20 runs along with 1 top 15 show finish and 3 top 20 finishes. Glen loves to have all his friends and family around as he follows his dream of racing chuckwagons.  With Glen’s success’s running only 4 shows in 2019, he is surely an up and coming driver to watch for. His goal is to run clean and fast in 2020.

Favourite Meal: Neckbones.

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing: Brother Gord.

Favourite thing about Chuckwagon Racing: Adrenaline.

Biggest Influence in the Sport: Brother Gord. They have always done it together.

What do you do for work and in the offseason:  Equipment operator.

Who are the unsung heroes in your barn and biggest help: Right leader Chrome and nephews and daughter.