Rilee Letendre

Rilee Letendre
May 30, 1985

Hometown: Drayton Valley, AB

Rilee Letendre of Drayton Valley, AB will be joining us Along the Wagon Trail 2020.

When Rilee was 25, her uncle hired her as a barn hand and once he taught her how to drive 4 horses, she was hooked.  Her biggest influence in the sport goes to her uncle, Brian Lewis, he taught her how to drive and with his foundational teachings she is the driver she is today.  Family is a big part of Chuckwagon racing and for Rilee, they are the ones behind the scenes that are helping and supporting her along the way.  As with any driver, she loves the horses, their different personalities and when they know their job and know what to do it is incredible to watch.  This makes Rilee want to try for them as hard as they do for her.  Coming from the Western Chuckwagon Association, she is so grateful for what they have done for her the past 3 years and she is excited to start a new journey with the CPCA.  Her primary goal for the upcoming season is run clean, competitive and to ensure that at the end of the season, she knows she did her absolute best.

Welcome Rilee, we look forward to seeing you on the track and wish you the best of luck!