Roy Romanow

Roy Romanow
August 8, 1958

Roy Romanow of Didsbury, AB will be joining us Along the Wagon Trail 2020. Roy got his start in Chuckwagon racing by helping Roy David in the late seventies. His biggest influence in wagon racing is Roy and Ron David, Jordie Fike & Kirk Sutherland have been an incredible help to him with the breaking, training and providing horses. Roy raced with the WPCA as a permit driver in 1985/86 and as a member in 2019 as well as twelve years with the Western Chuckwagon Association. His primary goal for the upcoming season is to be competitive, run clean and be safe.

Hometown: Didsbury, AB

Favourite Meal: There is nothing better than an ice cold beer after getting the boys settled after a wagon race.

Favourite Vacation Spot: We enjoy going to Maui for winter vacations.

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing: Started out helping Roy David in the late seventies, I began racing with the Wpca in 1985.

Most Memorable Chuckwagon Racing Moment:

Favourite Thing About Chuckwagon Racing: Of all the things in wagon racing I enjoy spring training the most. Truck exercising, working with the green horses for the first time, and watching the boys settle into their feed pails in the barn after a days training.

Biggest Influence: My biggest influences in wagon racing has been Roy and Ronnie David. Jordie Fike has been an incredible help with breaking and training and providing horses as has Kirk Sutherland.

Unsung heroes in your barn: My wife Sheri is my greatest support and biggest help. She is the true star behind the outfit.  Our daughter Jessica is a veterinarian who specializes in performance horses, her assistance in maintaining herd health is unequalled. Our son Tim  (Robin) and daughter, Rebecca (Errol) offer great support and assistance when their busy career schedules allow.

Offseason Work: Sheri and I own and operate Double R Exteriors Ltd.  We specialize in new construction and renovation residential exteriors, including  multi residence, commercial ,farm and ranch projects.