Wayne Knight

Wayne Knight
June 5, 1957

Wayne is one of the most accomplished and competitive horsemen in Chuckwagon racing.  Dedicated to the love of the sport, Wayne prides himself in breaking and training new horses, working with them to achieve their full potential and creating that unparalleled mutual respect between horse and human.  2019 saw Wayne having 3 top 10 runs and 14 top 15 runs as well as finishing in the top 15 at 4 2019 CPCA tour stops and inn the top 20 at 8 of them. Wayne, a former CPCA champion driver has a long list of lifetime show wins to his illustrious career.

Hometown: St. Walburg, SK.

Favourite Meal: Anything cooked on an open fire.

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing: My father, Cliff Knight.

Most Memorable Chuckwagon Racing Moment: Racing in Las Vegas.