We rolled in to Turtleford and kicked the weekend off with a Women of the Wagons Charity Golf Tournament on Thursday Afternoon at the Mervin Golf and Country Club. The weather was fantastic and a good time was had by all. Around $4000 was raised which will go along with the Women of the Wagons Gala in Lloydminster during Finals and then all proceeds will be divided up to various charities including to the two main ones which will be Stollery Hospital in Edmonton, AB and the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital in Saskatoon, SK.

Every weekend throughout the race season we touch on the weather and this weekend may have been the most unique of all. On Friday the temperature got up to a smoking +35, on Saturday the temperature was a nice +24 and then come Sunday it was overcast and a whopping +14. For anyone that listens to the CPCA broadcast you know that once it gets that cold I am in my parka, toque and mitts.

What can you say about small towns in Saskatchewan. The hard work and dedication that goes in by the locals and volunteers is unbelievable. Turtleford is one of them towns and should be so proud. Every year when the wagons roll in life is put on hold for 3 days and it’s all hands on deck. The track was in amazing shape and the stands were packed.

Rookie Driver Dale Mitsuing was once again the show Champion along with Outriders Logan Pethick and Tyler Mckenzie. Kris Molle and Jamie Laboucane bounced back and forth for the number 1 and 2 positions in the standings. Leaving there and heading in to the Denham Ram Tough Finals in Lloydminster the top 4 drivers were Kris Molle, Jamie Laboucane, Chance Bensmiller, and Dale Mitsuing.

So what’s next?? The most important 5 days of the season. The wagons will race Wed-Sat at 6:30 p.m. and the points will count in the standing. Sunday at 2:00 p.m. will be the final race day of the season and the top 4 drivers in the standings will run to become a Canadian Champion.

For all of the up to date standings please go to www.cpcaracing.com.

“On the Road with Wendy”
By Wendy Phipps