The Canadian Professional  Chuckwagon Association stopped by Onion Lake Cree Nation for its last set of races before the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, The Calgary Stampede! Situated 50 km north of Lloydminster, the 5/8 mile long track offered some great racing over the Canada 150 celebrations.

Ray Mitsuing continued his success from Wainwright with the same outfit, winning day money on opening day. With healthy horses and not too many changes, Mitsuing is certainly looking forward to a successful Calgary Stampede.


Wayne Knight took the win on the second day of the races, racing the old boys and coming around the track with a time of 1:20.71. Day 2 was wrapped up with some incredible fireworks, organized by the Race Committee of Onion Lake. If you missed them, head to our Facebook Page for some Canada Day greetings from our Drivers and Outriders.


Day 3 winner, Jamie Laboucane, was pleased with the performance of his team:”It was the second time I hooked this lead team together and getting Gluten back on the wheel. They aren’t 100% yet but coming along really well. I’m happy with this outfit going in Calgary and hopefully my other outfit can keep me pushing the limits as well. Non-Sense was on left lead, Mugs on right lead, Gluten on left wheel and Bourne on right wheel. Winning today means they are performing the way I need them to be, I’m really happy with the way my wheel team charged at the top, giving me an honest shot at making a nice turn without knocking anything over. For the next two weeks, everyone’s goal is to stay clean and I’m hoping this outfit will be competitive and stay healthy. I’d like to thank my sponsor Sidekick’s Express – without this group of people we wouldn’t be able to go down the road the way we do. Thanks to my Outriders Tyler Mckenzie and Logan Pethick all year, cant thank them enough! Thanks to my barn crew and family for the on-going support!”


Todd Baptiste couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, winning the aggregate, going into Calgary Stampede, where he will return after 8 years. “Things are starting to come together, 2 teams are running well and strong. I hooked the same outfits all 3 nights (his non-point wagon as well) and they ran good. To win in Onion Lake is always huge, for me and my team and all the fans around here. Going into Calgary winning the aggregate here gives us a lot of confidence. Well need a little luck on our side and make sure horses are healthy to get close to the finals. I’d like to thank my sponsors – Shadwin Trucking, Fire Creek Gas Bar Saskatoon, S.O.R.E Oilfield Services and A&B Racing Stables out of Frog Lake!”



Leaving with the fastest time on the last day of racing in Onion Lake, BJ Carey felt more confident after the races. “I had some penalty troubles the first three days, you take them away and I could have been sitting at the top. Others had penalties too so it is wagon racing and it will happen. You have to go out there and race your best. All 4 days, my outfit started hard and ran really well, there’s nothing I can ask for of them, they’re phenomenal. It’s tough to be patient, especially nothing racing at the Calgary Stampede. It’s a tough pill to swallow but I only want to work harder for next year. To not be there is very motivating to work hard and get back to Calgary. I want to run for the championship, win the truck and run clean for the rest of the season. I’m thankful for my barn crew, they’re amazing and keep the horses on a good routine. They are second to none and our horses couldn’t be in better shape. Thanks to my sponsors, Ron’s Plumbing and Heating, Tirecraft, Carey’s Cartel and Secure Energy.


Todd Baptiste had this to say from his Dash for Cash win: “Winning today means a lot for us, its our first major championship in the CPCA and no better place to do it than Onion Lake Cree Nation in front of our friends and family. It’s a confidence booster going into Calgary and hopefully keep it rolling in Calgary. That same outfit ran well again today; I was going to change it up but decided to keep the same ones. They turned well and ran really hard. We look forward to being in Calgary and racing Friday”.