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65th annual Wainwright Stampede wrapped up on Sunday June 24th to a packed house.  Wainwright is one of our biggest stops on the tour.  The covered grandstand is close to the track and the crowd goes wild as the wagons cross the finish line. We had a down pour come on Friday after the races but other than that we had some hot days mixed in with some threatening clouds but the racing gods were on our side because it missed us every day.

The storyline for the weekend was definitely Kris Molle.  On night number 1 he took day money with his non-point hook sponsored by Benoit Oilfield Construction with a time of 102.19 and then came in 2nd with his point outfit PWM Steel with another blazing time of 103.12.  Rounding out the top 3 on that day was Chance Bensmiller non-point hook League Projects with a running time of 103.36.

Night number 2 didn’t look a whole lot different as Kris Molle and Benoit Oilfield Construction took home top time with a 103.41 and he rolled in for second place with PWM Steel outfit at a 103.63.  3rd place went to Wayne Knight with Grime Fighter Car & Truck Wash with a 104.08.

Day 3 it looked real good for Kris Molle to take home his first Wainwright Stampede Aggregate and he did not disappoint his home town crowd.  He got second day money with his Benoit Oilfield Non-Point hook with a 104.25 and took home the Aggregate Championship along with his outriders Aric Pare and Logan Pethick with a 3 day total of 309.85.  1st place on the day went to Jamie Laboucane and his non-point hook Sidekicks Express with a 103.58 and 3rd place went to Ray Mitsuing with his Sunridge RV/Greenlight Auto rig at a 104.40.

So the stage was set for the Battle River Posse Dash for Cash to go on Sunday Afternoon.  Because the rule states that only Point Wagons can be in a dash for cash the line-up looked looked like this.

Barrel 1. Wayne Knight with Grime Fighters Car & Truck Wash (Outriders Tyson Whitehead/Kale Lajuenesse)

Barre 2. Kris Molle with PWM Steel (Outriders Aric Pare/Logan Pethick)

Barrel 3. Todd Baptiste with Shadwin Trucking (Outriders Tyler Mckenzie/Basil Mosquito)

Although Wayne Knight had the fastest time of the night and of the weekend with a 102.00 he had some penalty trouble; crossing the line 2nd place penalty free was Kris Molle and close behind him also penalty free was Todd Baptiste.  So for the first time in a long time Kris Molle did the unthinkable and won the Aggregate with one outfit and won the dash for cash with another.

Some other notables on the weekend was Todd Baptiste making a jump in the standing ending up 3rd in the aggregate along with another hometown boy Brad McMann who finished off the weekend 4th in the aggregate just missing out of the dash by 13th one hundredths of a second.

The CPCA would like to thank the Wainwright Committee for their hospitality and dedication to a weekend of great races and good track conditions.

Next Stop on our Tour is Onion Lake.  We will race there nightly at 7:00 p.m. from Thursday June 28th to Sunday July 1st.  If you can’t make it out to watch please check out our Facebook Live Feed of the races and tune in to 95.9 Lloyd FM, 97.7 FM in St. Paul or 910 AM out of Drumheller ~ we will be on the air nightly with the pre-race show at 6:40 p.m.


Written By
Wendy Phipps
“On the Road with Wendy”
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