It was with lots of excitement that our Chuckwagon Drivers and their teams set up for the 64th Annual Wainwright Stampede. After many months of hard work and dedication, the Race Committee put on an incredible weekend. The track was rain soaked upon our arrival but the Wainwright Stampede team had it back to its safest possible condition by race time on Thursday night.

Ray Mitsuing, returning from a back injury sustained in North Battleford, took home day money on the opening night, with his sons who were his Outriders, Dale and Darren. “It was really good out there and I had no pain whatsoever so it felt really good. It’s good to be back. I hooked Approval Rating with a 2nd year horse on the left lead and a 2nd year horse on the left pole and my good right wheeler. I didn’t expect this today with Jamie (Laboucane) on the inside of me, I truly didn’t expect it, I just wanted to run clean and be hanging in there. I’m so glad to be back and have a great outfit that works going into the Calgary Stampede.”



Aric Pare made an unplanned return to the track on Day 2, when Outrider Ryan Johnson sustained an injury to his shoulder. “I only planned to run one heat all weekend – Kris Molle’s point wagon – but I ended up riding on 4 heats total. My jaw is feeling good, surprisingly. I would like to ride in Onion Lake and Calgary, it will all depend on the outcome of next Friday at the doctors”.



Kris Molle took day money on Day 2, hooking the old boys together – Monarch, Chili, Rocky and Surprise. “Being a shorter track, I was hoping to have a clean run and give them a good run. I love barrel 1, shortest way around. It’s definitely my favourite barrel. It was great to have Aric back on the track and continue getting prepared for Calgary.” He did it again on Day 3, knowing the rail was a little heavier from his run with his non-point outfit:” Horses started well today and I was hoping to keep Wayne on the inside of me, I was lucky enough to pull it off. I hooked the same team as yesterday and it worked out well.”



The same outfit that won Wayne Knight day money on day 2 of the Dewberry Show was able to climb to the top and win the aggregate for the 64th Wainwright Stampede. “It been really great here, everything worked well. It’s nice to win Wainwright, this is my favourite show. It’s the best place – it’s a good rodeo and a cowboy place. I’d like to thank the Committee and my sponsor (Grime Fighter’s Car & Truck wash), they’ve been great!”



Dallas Dyck won the Dash for Cash on Sunday with his usual outfit: “I hooked Oconee, Investor, Sahan (Top 5 in Equine Right Wheel standings) and Axel”. He was accompanied by Outriders Sandy Mckenzie and Logan Pethick.


Kris Molle was joined by Devin Mitsuing, Lane Tournier, Dave Galloway, Louis Stanley, Tyler Mckenzie and Basil Mosquito for the annual parade in Wainwright. “The parade today was great. It’s always so nice to see everyone in the community, lots of people that I know from work and back home. Attendance was really good, it was nice to see the streets packed with smiling people. I also enjoyed my annual visit at the Battle River Lodge on Thursday, with Todd Baptiste, Brad McMann, DJ King, Cody Hodgson, Tyson Whitehead and Daniel King. I’ve been going there for the past 3-4 years, so it’s nice to see them again. You get to know them and know they’re story, where they are from (many from Ribstone) and close by to where I live now. They tell you about the farms and their families. It’s always a pleasure to be invited for dinner there!”



The CPCA truly enjoys having a positive impact in every community the CPCA Pro Tour stops at. Drivers and Outriders were invited to the Battle River Lodge in Wainwright for dinner and a meet & greet on June 22. Oscar Buck, Chairman of the Board, was pleased to see the CPCA team again. “We have a lot of folks here from the farming community that know a lot of CPCA drivers so it’s nice for them to visit and inspires people to push them forwards a little bit. We’ve known Kris Molle and Brad McMann for years so it’s quite an honour to have them join us today”.

The CPCA Board of Directors would like to thank the Race Committee from the Wainwright Stampede for their outstanding work on the track and the ongoing dedication of all the volunteers!

The CPCA Pro Tour continues to Onion Lake, SK next weekend at 7:30pm nightly. All races of the CPCA Tour can be watched live on our Facebook Page and live radio broadcast on Real Country Lloyd 95.9, Q91 Country Drumheller and St-Paul’s The Spur 97.7 or click on Listen Live on our homepage.