As I write this article I am doing what a lot of Chuckwagon Families and Fans are doing on a cold day in February. I’m in a Small Town watching Hockey. It was -32 this morning and -41 with the windchill. If every hockey game was cancelled in the winter due to Snow and Cold it would make for a pretty short season. It’s these cold winter days that gets us dreaming about hot summer days and beautiful sunsets.

During the race season we can often be faced with wind, rain and even the odd snow flake but the show must go on. It always amazes me when the weather is not up to par how many fans we still have in the stands. Then I come to realize, these are the same fans that are sitting at the rinks in the winter when its -32. Resilient, Dedicated, Passionate are a few words that come to mind.

Best day in the off season besides Christmas is the day the CPCA Schedule is posted. Plans start being made and holidays get booked for the upcoming season. There are some changes to the 2019 Schedule. I have never had the privilege to attend races in Maskwacis, AB but I have heard the facility is amazing. Another change is we will be in Bonnyville, AB in place of Onion Lake, SK at the end of June. Last year in Bonnyville the weather gods were against us but I am sure I can speak for the whole association in saying we are thrilled to be returning in 2019.
For most Wagon Drivers we are 2 months away from Spring Training. At that time horses will come in to the barn, and new ones that were bought off Racetracks across North America will make there way to their new homes. This is where the real work begins and its often not that glamourus. Drivers may not have their summer hired hands in place yet, and more than likely there trying to juggle a full time job. What does this mean….long days!! The horses need fed, turned out for exercise, barn needs cleaned just to give a short list with some of the tasks. Even though this is the busiest time of year Drivers and Families don’t mind because this is what they have spent 7 months dreaming about and everyday they know their inching that much closer to May 31, 2019 where they will kick off the 2019 Race Season in North Battleford, SK.
Here are a few things that you the Fans can look forward to between now and the 2019 Race Season. I got my hands on some old CPCA souvenir books over the winter so I will be posting some interesting facts from days gone by. I plan to have some articles around some of our past Drivers and Outriders and find out what there doing now.

I have signed back on with the CPCA to Co-Host the Radio Show with none other than Greg Buchanin, so stay tuned for more details with what we will have going on this upcoming season. I will also be doing a weekly wrap up report and some feature articles throughout the season. I want to send a big shout out to Carolin Mckenzie who goes above and beyond. Not only is she the CPCA Official Photographer, she has also taken on the roll of doing Driver/Outrider Profiles on our Social Media Sites. Go to CVM Photography and take a look at her amazing photos and if you see something you like contact her to order.

Well its time to get my toque and mitts on and go watch the next game. Until next time!!

On the Road with Wendy Phipps