Calvin Fiddler

  • Birthday
    June 20, 1987
  • Hometown
    Meadow Lake, SK
  • Rookie Year


Year CPCA Standing
2021 26th


Year Standing


Calvin’s favorite thing about wagon racing is hooking horses and the socializing amongst the people in the sport. Biggest influence is DJ King because he got Calvin the wagon seat for the first time in 2020. Mentors to date are Luke Tournier, DJ King and the late Kirby Stanley, they all have been very helpful for Calvin driving an outfit powered by 4 thoroughbreds. Calvin placed 26th in the 2021 season, but with a lot of great mentors behind him, we believe Calvin will continue to see growth in the wagon seat this season.

How did you get into Chuckwagon racing: Started as a hired hand for the Mitsuing’s in 2010 at the Calgary Stampede.

Most memorable Chuckwagon racing moment: Winning the WPCA world championship working as a hired hand for Luke Tournier in 2016.

Favourite thing about Chuckwagon racing: Hooking horses and the socializing and camaraderie that goes on amongst all the people in our sport.  

Biggest influence in the sport and why: My biggest influence in the sport would be DJ King, because he got me into the wagon seat behind 4 thoroughbred horses for the first time last summer. 

Primary goal for upcoming season: My goal is to wet the rookie of the year buckle and to run clean competitive and safe.

Unsung hero’s in your barn and biggest help: The unsung hero’s are definitely the barn hands and the camp cooks, it’s all a team effort to get down the road and very much appreciated. 

What do you do for work and in the off season: I work as a heavy equipment operator in the Alberta oil industry (north of Fort McMurray), and I play senior hockey for the Meadow Lake Broncos. 

Anything else you would like to share with us: My mentors in the sport to date would be Luke Tournier, DJ King and the late Kirby Stanley. They’ve all been very helpful on me driving a Chuckwagon outfit powered by 4 thoroughbreds. 

What on your IPod right now: Older country music and some techno music as well.

Favourite off season vacation spot: The USA to watch a NHL hockey game. 

Best road story: Just travelling and seeing the different areas of Saskatchewan Alberta and BC over the years. We live in a beautiful country. 

Favourite cold one: Strawberry Daiquiri

Nicknames: Fidds , Gabby 

Favourite winter sport to watch ? Who’s your team? I love watching hockey, it don’t matter what teams are playing and my team is the Edmonton Oilers.

Superstitious, specific routine on race day: I could be superstitious yes , I try to follow a timed schedule throughout the day, as for a specific routine , it’s all business a half hour before race time. 

Favourite Meal: A good meal at Red Lobster.