Driver Standings

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N.NameOverall Standings
1Todd Baptiste1029
2Ray Mitsuing982
3Kris Molle966
4Dale Mitsuing946
5Jamie Laboucane932

Outrider Standings

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N.NameOverall Standings
1Tyler McKenzie5798
2Kale Lajeunesse5782.5
3Cody Hodgson5525
4Tyson Whitehead5301.5
5Basil Mosquito4058

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Along the Wagon Trail 2020, Kris Flanagan will be back for another season.
Rookie Year: 2014
2019 Season Finish - 20th with 638 points
Kris fell in love with sport by watching his cousins Vern and Shane Nolin race. He started helping around the Laboucane barn when his cousin BJ Carey married Kim. When he was done school, he went to work for Norm Cuthbertson and got in to outriding. His biggest influence in the sport is BJ Carey, who got him started in 2014. So far, his most memorable moment is getting the call from Calgary Stampede for the invite in fall of 2018 to compete in the 2019 Rangeland Derby. You will be seeing Kris compete in the 2020 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby as well. Kris’ 2019 season consisted of 11 top 15 runs and another 20 top 20 finishes. He finished in the top 15 at 3 of the 9 tour stops and in the top 20 at 6 shows. Primary goal is to stay clean, safe and hopefully finish high in the standings.
#CPCA2020 📸 @cvm_photography1

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Along the Wagon Trail 2020 welcomes back Rocky Bremner of Glaslyn, SK
2019 Season Finish – 21st with 607 points
Rookie Year – 2015
Rocky came away from the 2019 season with the Most Improved Driver award. Rocky loves that all his family is involved in racing and his favorite thing about wagon racing is the whole lifestyle. Rocky has idolized a good many drivers, too numerous to mention all of them that would be his influences on the sport of chuckwagon racing. Rocky had a good 2019 season with 2 top 10 runs, 9 top 15 runs and 19 top 20 runs. He finished in the top 15 at 2 of the 9 tour stops and in the top 20 at 6 of the shows. Primary goal for the 2020 season is to win all he can. 📸 @cvm_photography1

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What are your plans this summer? 🏇🏻
Full season ahead for #CPCA2020 🤠
Mark your calendar 🗓

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Happy Birthday wishes going out to Dallas Dyck today! Cheers to a great day 🥳🍻 ...

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Along the Wagon Trail 2020 welcomes Amber L'Heureux of Glaslyn, SK back for another season.
2019 Season Finish – 22nd with 553 points
CPCA’s first female driver and she had an amazing year with 3 top 15 runs, 17 top 20 runs along with finishing in the top 20 at 5 of the 9 CPCA shows and ending it with the 2019 CPCA Rookie Driver award. Amber is not new to the racing community as she had influence from her Dad who raced ponies for 50 years, her mom raced pony chariots and thoroughbred chariots and her grandfather also raced thoroughbred chariots. Her most memorable Chuckwagon racing moment is a tie between racing against her dad and rolling on the track for her first race in North Battleford. She still gets chills watching either of those videos. Amber is extremely superstitious as she sticks to the same routine every day! She checks over harness and sets out all legs wraps for that night, brush, and has a prerace nap. Amber harnesses all her horses herself and always must have something pink on every race day. Amber's primary goal for the 2020 season is to end the season in the top 15. 📸: @cvm_photography1

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Mark your calendar 📅 April 7, 2020 - 28 Drivers - perfect opportunity to showcase your business - action packed - ton of fun-Join us, you will be glad you did! ...

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Rilee Letendre of Drayton Valley, AB will be joining us Along the Wagon Trail 2020.
When Rilee was 25, her uncle hired her as a barn hand and once he taught her how to drive 4 horses, she was hooked. Her biggest influence in the sport goes to her uncle, Brian Lewis, he taught her how to drive and with his foundational teachings she is the driver she is today. Family is a big part of Chuckwagon racing and for Rilee, they are the ones behind the scenes that are helping and supporting her along the way. As with any driver, she loves the horses, their different personalities and when they know their job and know what to do it is incredible to watch. This makes Rilee want to try for them as hard as they do for her. Coming from the Western Chuckwagon Association, she is so grateful for what they have done for her the past 3 years and she is excited to start a new journey with the CPCA. Her primary goal for the upcoming season is run clean, competitive and to ensure that at the end of the season, she knows she did her absolute best.
Welcome Rilee, we look forward to seeing you on the track and wish you the best of luck! 📸: Kase Photography

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Happy Birthday wishes going out to CPCA Driver BJ Carey, cheers to a great day!! 🎉🎊🥳🍻 ...

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Along the Wagon Trail 2020, Glen Myette of Meadow Lake, SK will be back for another season.
2019 Season finish - 25th with 251 points
After hauling for DJ King prior and having influence from Daniel King, who also helped him train and develop; Glen climbed in the driver’s seat at the Poundmaker show in 2019. So, because of the number of race days, this qualifies him for rookie driver for the 2020 season. Glen had a great start with the CPCA as he had 3 top 15 runs and 7 top 20 runs, along with 1 top 15 show finish and 3 top 20 finishes. Glen’s primary goal for the 2020 Season is to run clean and fast. 📸: @cvm_photography1 **All photos are copyrighted

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