The Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association lights up Western Canada with over 30 days taking place each summer. From May to August the thunder of hooves echoes in the distance as drivers race to qualify for various incentives throughout the race season.  Most events are 3 day competitions taking place Friday, Saturday and Sunday however Onion Lake, Little Pine and Frog Lake host 4 day shows starting on Thursday and running to Sunday. The CPCA finals in Lloydminster hosts a 5 day show, starting on Wednesday and ending on Sunday.  The winning driver of each event is determined by the fastest accumulated time over the course of the weekend or in the case of the 4 day shows the winner is determined by the winner of the dash.  The CPCA Pro Tour Year Champion is the driver with the most points accumulated throughout the year and the Canadian Champion is the winner of the sudden death dash that takes place during the last show of the year.


The judges who officiate the CPCA races are hired based on a specific qualification maintained by the CPCA Board of Directors and members. Each CPCA show employs 12-20 judges depending on the number of barrels used (3 or 4 barrel set). At a 4 barrel show there will be 4 barrel judges who are responsible for all wagon infractions for the wagon in their barrel position. 4 outrider judges are responsible for all infractions on the track against all outriders on their barrel position. There is 1 judge stationed at the first turn who is responsible for all infractions on the track against all outriders and drivers that occur from the end of the chalk lines leaving the infield around the first corner and into the second corner. 1 judge is positioned on the 3rd turn and is responsible for all infractions on the track against outriders and drivers that occur from the third corner through the fourth corner and down the home stretch.

Along with the judges there are 2 camera personnel. One situated high in the grandstand that videos the infield until everyone has cleared and then catches up to the race and follows it through to the end. The other camera person is positioned on the first corner videoing into the barreling area before and during the race and then as much of the race track as possible. These videos are used in the case of an appeal (A drivers challenge of a judges call or missed call). All judges meet at the conclusion of the races to review film.

If a driver would like to appeal, he has a half hour after the “Official Times” have been sent by the race secretary to fill out a protest form stating the call he is protesting. He hands the form along with a $500.00 cheque into the race secretary. At this time the Race Secretary notifies the protest board who consists of 4 judges plus the judge that made the call along with the head video person. These people meet that night to review the appeal.  If the driver is found at fault he loses his $500 and the penalty remains. If the protest is overturned, the driver gets his $500 back and if the protest comes back inconclusive the driver gets half of his money back and the penalty remains.


2024 Directors:
President – Frank Tremmel
Vice President – Dennis Ringuette
Director – Dallas Dyck
Director – DJ King
Director – Calvin Fiddler
Director – Amber L’Heureux
Director – Craig Derocher
Outrider Director – Wyatt Dyck