Quinn Langevin



Year Standings
2022 9th (out most of season with injury)




Quinn Langevin. “The Manitoba Marvel”
Quinn is a 4th generation wagon racer. After driving wagons for 5 years in the Manitoba Professional Chuckwagon and Chariot Association he made the jump to the WPCA with Troy Dorchester as a barn hand and began outriding behind him later that year in 2018. Quinn says he owes Dorchester a lot for giving him a chance, “The first time he let me blow a horse out was an interesting event. He gave me a 30 sec outriding crash course and I didn’t understand a thing he said and by the 2nd corner we were going flat out. When I got back in control and to where Dorchester was watching he chimes in “At least you stayed on kid”. He hasn’t looked back since.

A couple horses Quinn holds dearly in the outrider pen are LG from Troy Dorchester. Him and I learnt together my first year of outriding. “I taught him lots and he showed me lots.”  Another horse is Sham from Preston faithful. This big boy can go on leaders and stove. I trust that horse with everything. So much power and so many gears going around the racetrack; A thrill to ride.

Some of Quinn’s major accomplishments are he won High River behind Doug Irvine in 2019 as a rookie.
Quinn made the jump to the CPCA in 2021 and won meadow lake behind Preston Faithful and Wainwright with Preston Faithful 2022.

Quinn grew up around horses all his life, he says “my first babysitter was a stud named Red that a family friend used as a barrel horse”.

Quinn has been chasing adrenaline all his  life and the adrenaline he gets going around those first corners on a horse is unmatched.