Kale Lajeunesse

Kale Lajeunesse
April 29, 1992

Kale started outriding in 2014.  His most memorable moment to date is his first time outriding at Calgary as well as winning shows with drivers.  Kale’s favourite things about wagon racing is being around family, friends and the horses.  There is not just one influence for Kale in the sport but many and there are just too many to name.  There are always people there to pick you up and support you when you need it.  Kale’s primary goal is to run clean, safe and build as many memories as he can.  He is excited to learn as a team & progress throughout the season.

Rookie Year: 2021

Hometown: Meadow Lake, SK

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing?
Started outriding in 2014, got to fat to outride so now we are chawing around the track!

What is your most memorable Chuckwagon racing moment?
Besides all of the fun memories with everyone involved with wagon racing, it would be the first time I outrode in Calgary. Also winning shows with drivers as an outrider is a great feeling, and one we hope we can also achieve in our career as a chuckwagon team!

What is your favourite thing about Chuckwagon Racing?
I think my favourite thing is being able be around my family and friends on the daily. The other aspect that I love about wagon racing is the horses. They teach us a heck of a lot more than we teach them!

Who has been your biggest influence in this sport and why?
I don’t think there is any one influence. This sport puts you through the blender so there are always people there to pick you up and support you when you need it! There are way to many people to name.

What is your primary goal for the upcoming season?
This upcoming season our team would like to run clean, as well as build as many memories as we can throughout the journey! We are excited to learn as a team and progress as the year goes on

Who are the unsung heroes in your barn and biggest help?
My wife Kristinn for sure! She does so much for us in the barn, in the offseason, for our family, and we would be lost without her for sure! The other ones would be one of my best buds Gregory Alowishus Moore, hes always there when I need him and appreciate all he does for us. Lastly would be the famous Sausage. He is caring and lightens the mood, and is never scared of a little work. His humor and joy go a long way in our barn, and we really appreciate him.

What do you do for work and in the off season?
I currently am a product specialist with Meadow Lake Chrysler. I love selling vehicles and enjoy waking up in the morning everyday to do so! So if you are looking for a new dodge, feel free to give me a ring!

Anything else you would like to share with us?
That we have the best fans in professional sports! Thank you to everyone that supports us going up and down the road.

What on your IPod right now?
A little of everything. Some country, some rap, and everything in between haha

What’s your favorite off season vacation spot?
Parkland Hotel in the bustling metropolis of Dorintosh! Go get you a Hazel Burger!!!

Best road story?
Way too many to count!!!

What’s your biggest fear?
Probably my wife haha

What’s your favorite cold one?
I am not a beer guy. But my go to drink is the Jordan Constant Special – Twisted Tea

Any nickname?
None that are appropriate for this website

What’s your favorite winter sport to watch? Who’s your team?
I’d say World Juniors team Canada. As for the NHL it is the Edmonton Oilers

Are you superstitious? Do you have a specific routine or race day?
As an outrider I sure am. I have to put 11 wraps of white electrical tape on my cleats, and only white. As a driver I guess we will find out. I don’t think it will be as bad as Dj King puking half hour before races though.

Favorite Meal?
Nothing but the best. Kentuckyyyyy Fried Chicken. “Oh thats goooooooood chicken”

Calgary Appearances
As an outrider – 2014 -2020

Tell us about your family
My wife Kristinn is an RN at the Meadow Lake Hospital. We have been married for 10 years. Just like myself she never grew up around horses, so this is all new to her as well. We are excited to learn as a family the ins and outs of wagon racing. Kristinn owns her own wagon horse named Kentucky. Our main man and left leader. He is her baby. My daughter Ivy is 8and is an absolute horse crazed yahoo! You will definitely see her flying around on her horses at the races. She is wild, caring, and loves our herd of horses! She has two horses herself named Max and Charlie. She also owns one of our wagon horses named Jesus! My son Levi is 5 and is a ball of energy. You will see him probably covered in dirt wrestling with his bros Jacob and Drew King. Levi also owns his own wagon horse who is in the outriding pen and his name is Unquiet. We are so excited about this upcoming year to grow as a team but more importantly as a family! It is going to be one heck of a year and we look forward to seeing everyone down the dusty trail!
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