Nolan Bullock

Nolan Bullock
October 5, 1995

Starting in 2014, Nolan worked as a barn hand for Rae Croteau Jr., where he learned the ropes of wagon racing.  After that his good friend, Louis Stanley, started driving and Nolan helped him out his first 3 years while slowly getting in to the sport.  His favourite thing about wagon racing is all of it.  The horses, being around family & friends throughout the season as well as the fellowship and competitiveness. Nolans biggest influence in the sport is Rae Jr and the Croteau family, Chance and the Bensmiller family and Kevin Baird.

His primary goal for the upcoming season is to be clean, safe and competitive.

Rookie Year: 2021

Town: Round Hill, Alberta

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing?
I’ll try to keep it short. My love for the horses and the sport began at a very young age being around my dad and the Craige family at the barns in Calgary. Starting in 2014 I was lucky enough to start working as a barn hand for Rae Croteau Jr. He showed me the ropes. After that my good friend Louis Stanley started driving and I’d been helping him out his first 3 years while I was slowly getting into the sport.

What is your favourite thing about Chuckwagon Racing?
All of it. The horses of course. Being able to have family and friends around throughout the season. The fellowship and competition

Who has been your biggest influence in this sport and why?
Been a few for sure but Rae Jr and the Croteau family. Chance and the Bensmiller family. Kevin Baird as well. I have been incredibly fortunate to learn so much from them.

What is your primary goal for the upcoming season?
To be clean, safe and competitive. Give my horses the best chance I can give them to be among the best. They are the stars, I’m just lucky enough to be part of it all.

Who are the unsung heroes in your barn and biggest help?
My girlfriend Staci, My family. My best friend/fellow driver Louis and the Stanley’s, they are my second family. All the people with me, help when I may need it. I won’t be able to thank them all enough.

What’s your favourite cold one?
Coors is my go to, but anything cold is good too.

What’s your favourite winter sport to watch? Who’s your team?
Hockey, Colorado Avalanche.

Are you superstitious? Do you have a specific routine or race day?
I am definitely superstitious. Being a goalie in hockey probably says more then enough. One example; right before its time to hook up to the wagon, I’ll always be found beside my left wheel horse for that night.

Favorite Meal?
BBQ chicken or anything Staci makes. Great food whenever she is around.