Kale Lajeunesse

Driver / Outrider

Kale started outriding in 2014.  His most memorable moment to date is his first time outriding at Calgary as well as winning shows with drivers.

  • Birthday
    April 29, 1992
  • Hometown
    Meadow Lake, SK
  • Rookie Year
    2021 (Driving)


Year CPCA Standing
2022 14th
2021 19th


Year Standing


Kale started outriding in 2014 and loved every second of it before he jumped in the wagon box in 2021. He still outrides when he can and enjoys his time at the outriding gate, however the wagon box is where he feels at home. Kale’s favorite thing about wagon racing is the ability to have fun and joke around and still go and compete against those same guys at night. “Best job in the world” is how he explains chuckwagon racing. 2022 saw Kale make the top 4 Dash for Cash in Grande Prairie which is a drivers highlight so far in his short career. Along with that he had 2-day moneys on the CPCA tour last summer. Kale was 14th on the CPCA tour last year and knows if he keeps himself out of the penalty box he can improve on that finish for the upcoming season. Kale finished 9th in the 2022 NACC and looks to build off that and continue to climb the standings for 2023. You will know if Kale is around because he is always laughing and joking around; And will often hear him using his favourite quote “Every day is a Great day”!!

Kale has 3 beautiful kids; Ivy, Levi, and Isla that you will see running around the barns. Kale makes his home in Meadow Lake, SK